There’s no way I could do what I do without the support of art patrons like you. Now more than ever, this work requires the help of a community. To do it right is a full-time job.

I don’t work for a record label. That means I have zero external financial backing from a larger organization. So if it needs to get done, I’m the one I call! But it also means that no one sends me a paycheck. We live in an age of amazing technology and music has become an essentially free commodity. That’s wonderful in many ways because it means it’s easy to get the songs to people. However, it also means it is very difficult to continue making the songs. For instance, the average cost of recording an independent record is around $20,000. So how do I make money from selling music? Well, I don’t. But I understand my work to be a vocation rather than a good business scheme. I write songs because it is one way to make an eternal investment in the Kingdom of God. In short, my mission statement is: 

Make things that make room for people to meet Jesus.

Make things: 

The first part means to put the truth about Jesus into some embodied creation that can be passed on to another person. A song, a story, a meal, an album, even an entire concert is a ‘thing’ that can pass on the Good News. 

…that make room….

I consider art-making to be fundamentally a work of hospitality. Art ‘makes room’. Art creates a habitat where people can meet and listen together. 

… for people to meet Jesus.

Any good work of creativity is taking part in the life of the Creator. That means it is making something of Jesus’s life available. A good song can become a little room – a friendly space for Jesus’s voice to be heard, and for our hearts to begin to heal.


I can’t thank you enough for making what I do possible! 


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