What others are saying…

“Loved the concert! I appreciated the storytelling… southerners know how to tell a story. The songs were peaceful, true, and lovely. Thanks!”

Lori from Nebraska

“I am leaving the concert with so much more than I came with. Thank you.”

Susan from Mississippi

“Beautiful! Beautiful voice and beautiful talent! I really loved the stories connecting between each song.”

Lauren from Pennsylvania

“I absolutely loved it! Great stories, beautiful songs, vulnerable lyrics. Heart-touching and a great fresh breath to everyone.”

Darcy from Colorado

Fall 2017 House Concert Tour

This Fall, I have a limited number of slots available for House Concerts… only 50! Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase a Concert in the web-store.
  2. I’ll contact you and we’ll figure out the best date for your concert.
  3. On that date, I’ll show up and play for you and your friends!

When you purchase a Concert in the web-store, you’ll get five free tickets for family, friends, and co-hosts. After that, guests purchase tickets at $10 before the show and $15 at the door. The tickets are sold online through Eventbrite, and I’ll set all that up and send you an easy link to give to your friends. 

What does it cost?

Although it costs $300 to host a house concert,  it’s possible for it to be free. Here’s how: Because ticket sales go toward the hosting price. For example, if 20 people buy a $10 ticket, you’ll only pay $100 to host. The more guests attending, the less you pay. 

What’s a House Concert look like?

House Concerts are my favorite place to share songs and stories, but the concept is new to a lot of folks. It’s just what it sounds like: a real concert up close and personal in the comfort of your own home! That may sound like a difficult thing to pull off – but it’s surprisingly easy and fun. If you have ever had a group over for a cookout or to watch a movie, you can host a house concert.

1. A minimum of 20 guests,

2. optional light refreshments,

3. and an hour long concert in your house.

House Concerts are hands-down the best way for musicians and music-lovers to enjoy an amazing evening together. I can’t wait to see you on the road!

Where do you travel? 

I travel all over the country! I haven’t made it past the Rocky Mountains…yet. I structure my tour based on demand. That means, I get a list of interested hosts and then I plot my route by region. 

More questions? Check out my FAQ and House Concert Hosting How-To Video!

Interested? Shoot me an email (this doesn't lock you into any commitment)...

Email Matthew

“Matthew’s house concert in our home was awesome!  We love his music and storytelling, and got to share it with all our friends.  So enjoyable to host a performance of original music in a small, intimate setting, and give people a chance to meet and talk with a great songwriter.” The Montagues, Memphis, TN

Recent House Concert Hosts

“I had no idea what to expect when I said I’d host, but I would do it again! I appreciate your humor and joy, and of course your music!”

A., from MN