Hosting Matthew was easy. He is so personable and fun to be with. My guests had as much fun talking with him before and after the concert as they did hearing his stories and songs.  We have a relatively small living room, but it was filled with great music and a wonderful sense of community. I highly recommend hosting Matthew at your house or church!

Dave - Minneapolis, MN

Matthew’s storytelling between songs is as good as his songs…which are beautiful, touching and thought-provoking. Both his songs and stories stuck with me long after the concert ended.

Erika - Nashville, TN

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Matthew twice in concert, once in my own home. Matthew’s music touches on the story that we all want to be a part of. He delves into the epic, as well as the minute. In both places, he finds beauty and God’s love. Plus, he’s a very nice house guest.

Tom & Deb - Burnsville, MN